Episode 25 – Jim Simon on the current CPG industry landscape, why Jimmy Bars transitioned to functional, the importance of automation in manufacturing as a CPG brand & how Jimmy Bars is supporting MMA fighters

In this episode, I was joined by Jim Simon, Jim is the Founder and CEO of JiMMYBAR!, JiMMYBAR is a female co-founded family company & creator of “Bars With Benefits” meaning high protein-low sugar great tasting bars with Functional ingredients like MCT Oil, Collagen, Turmeric, plant-based Caffeine, Keto friendly nuts.

We discussed the current challenges in the CPG industry, how Jimmy Bars transitioned towards more functional ingredients, the importance of automation in the manufacturing facility and Jimmybars is supporting MMA fighters 

You can connect with Jim on LinkedIN

Thank you !

Sumit Patil


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