Episode 23 – Daniel Kurzrock on his story of building “ReGrained”,importance of sustainability & how they are making an impact with upcycled food technology

In this episode, I was joined by Daniel Kurzrock, Daniel is the CEO and Co-Founder at ReGrained

ReGrained is the leading food upcycling technology and ingredient platform. ReGrained deploys patented technology and culinary science to rescue healthy food and craft delicious, versatile, better-for-you ingredients and products. Their flagship ingredient, ReGrained SuperGrain+Ⓡ, elevates the tens of billions of pounds of de-sugared, sprouted ancient grains created annually by the brewing industry.

ReGrained SuperGrain+Ⓡ is a versatile, economical and environmentally friendly grain powder, rich in plant protein, dietary fiber and prebiotics. Food companies around the world partner with ReGrained’s Upcycled Food Lab to power their next generation of product innovations. ReGrained is a proudly certified Public Benefit Corporation and 1% For The Planet member, and cofounder of the Upcycled Food Association. To learn more the company, the Upcycled Food Lab and products, go to UpcycledFoods.com.

If you are interested in partnering with Re-Grained (email -dan@regrained.com) you can also connect with Dan on LinkedIN 

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