Episode 15 – Story of Douglas Raggio

In this episode, I was joined by Douglas Raggio, Douglas is the author of “So You Wanna: Start a Food or Beverage Business”,  He is the founder of “Pass the honey” which offers snacking honey in a unique way & he is the founder and Managing Partner at “Bias & Blind Spots” which advisees founders, family offices and middle-market acquirers through the fallout of short-sighted VC and PE investments in food & beverage

In this episode we discussed his story of building “Pass the honey“, the challenges which he has to go through, how they are making an impact with the regenerative honeycomb initiative, and a lot of valuable insights in the CPG industry, 

You can order the book here >>  So You Wanna: Start a Food or Beverage Business: A Pick-Your-Path Business Book

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